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Shuggerlain is a continent where the game takes place. A land that only knew war until a man united all the nations under a same flag. That man was, Drascys. The current Emperor of Shuggerlain.
Thanks to Drascys , Shuggerlain finally has found a age of peace for its inhabitants. But now, things are about to change...

In this game you're Nulkan, a Captain of  Ashtera, one of the nations of Shuggerlain, 

We'll be uploading the latest build of Shuggerlain here in itch io, as we also do in Patreon. The price to acces to the patreon updates is the same. From time to time we'll also upload some public releases as some builds become public.

Take into account that this is an ambitious project in its first steps :)


You can get early access to the new updates becoming patron:

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTaifun Riders
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Furry, Hentai, Multiple Endings, Porn, sex, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Shuggerlain-0.37-mac.zip 561 MB
Shuggerlain-0.37-pc.zip 596 MB
Shuggerlain-0.42-pc.zip 706 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Shuggerlain-0.42-mac.zip 671 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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been following you guys since 0.10 of space paws, all I can say is space paws was an amazing game and you guys are blowing this new one out of the water with everything from the narrative, to the animation, to the music (especially the soundtrack) and sound design of the characters/environment! everything is crisp and clean,  it really shows how much you care about the product you're putting out to your fans and the public. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see what comes from Taifun Riders next!

Just purchased it after playing thru the public build. Really enjoying the game tbh. How often do you put out updates? I see talks  of 0.50 in the comments, but when exactly is the next update? 

We don't say release dates. We just keep working until the content it's done and without important bugs. But we usually need a similar amount of time between updates.

Link to the discord? the old isn't working 

So I'm playing 0.42, I've completed Fernia, but I don't have the option to advance to another location on the map screen. Is this a glitch? Or do I need to do something to trigger the option to move on?

I think you finished the game,for now

Did you already completed Necrosia too?

Deleted 18 days ago

I'm trying to download the .37 version on the itch launcher, but nothing shows up in the install category. Not sure what the problem on the launcher is, since it worked fine on browser (btw space paws downloaded fine on the launcher so who knows). Not a huge issue, I just would prefer it to work with the launcher. Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!

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Im trying to fully complete v0,37 before playing v0,42 but im missing the 11th scene i think its related with saraith but still Can't get it, Can somebody help me please ? Thanks (just a tip or something)

Will you be able to update your saves to the next version or will you have to start again?


Can anyone tell me how to find the 11th and the last H scene?
It seems to be hidden ones. And I don't know where to find them:(

I believe the last one is with Eiha, after atzi’s second date.

it seems not because I've unlocked Eiha(the tiger girl) already. It's the first one at page 3, right?

btw, do you unlock the 11th H scene (the one after sariath's 3rd date.)?

When will v0.42 be released for free

When 0.50 is out for patrons.

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Nice, but when will v0.42 be released to the broke people? XD

Look at the list of downloadable files, v0.42 is in the list.


it says “if you pay 2$ or more” am I missing something?

Nope you're right, I totally missed that somehow.

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What's the music used during the battles? Words can't express how good it is, but sadly enough I can't find the song titles anywhere. Does anyone know the names?

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Hey, i found a "bug", it is my second gameplay, and this happened with Fernia too, i cant advance for any other country, even for Eldrien i cant

It's not a bug. Once you leave Zone 1 on the map you can't go back. So you'd need to complete Eldrien&Nocverchis before advancing tot Zone 2 countries. In the complete game it will make more sense ;)

Hey... All the game is working but i have an issue... Well, all the game is good, except when it comes a H scene, the animation is lagging so much, what can i do to resolve that?

Are you using an old pc? 

Actualy no, its not a high spec PC but it can run many games...

Win 10 64bits
AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor   2.90 GHz
4,00 GB of Ram
And it has a low profile GPU 2GB

GPU is not that bad, that's why you can run other games, but CPU is quite outdated. H-scenes use 1080 videos and it's normal than in that part of the game you have low performance. I have that same problem in my old quad-core tablet. High resolution videos are demanding.

How can i download version 0.37 for android

Hey Taifun Riders, i see that between udpates are always 4-5 months, does that mean that there will be an update in the near future?


Today on Patreon. This week on itch.io (once we check there are no important bugs)

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I can't find the 11th escene and 5th Succubus, any know how to unlock?

Hey, i just bought the 0.37... But my game doesnt open, he shows a black window screen with the title then closes... 

Mmh, that's weird. It seems something GPU related. Press and hold the Shift key and launch the game. A menu should popup with some options to change the way the screen is displayed. See if some of the options works.


Previous comment deleted because it contained spoilers about the story. 


Sorry my fault


no problem :)

Great Game! Can't wait for the next update

If i pay for the new version will I get early access to future builds too? I really liked the game but I don't want to repay everytime an update comes out sry, I don't have that much money to spare

you only have to buy it once i bought it over a year ago and i still have access to the new versions.

nice, thx

When is released to public, i like the game, the lore and something more
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Amazing game ! Worth it's price


Sorry, this don't play. Out of order!

Well a part of this showed up that has Sex Battles, which always intrigue me. Only tried it a little, but not bad to see thus far. Although, gotta say, disappointing to hear the succubus talk about making the protagonist cum, but not actually see any ejaculation!

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can someone please send me the cheat codes? i havent seen any on the patreon posts

Cheats are on Patreon for Cavalry or higher tiers

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why dose all these game reqiure zip i was able to get this before

You need to extract the file

Where do you find the 5th succubus?


Already fully completed the 0.37v and gotta say really like the direction the game is going with the new contents added. 

Got to ask roughly how many more  heroines are gonna be added in the future, I'm guessing about 4 or 5 more judging by the amount of tents and country's left to conquer. 

Can't wait for the next update!! 

Keep up the good work guys👍



found a bug, I attacked nocverchis before feria, and i guess the game didn't like that. in the middle of the first wave of the battle, it switched narratives to include julliana and erden, whom i had not met yet. after victory, the info screen of the battle remained. 


Thanks for reporting. We've found the bug. Until the next release, avoid using Yraselle on the battle against the bat people. That's what is causing the bug. Sorry for the inconveniences!

this game  don`t play

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good game cant see to find my comment so will just ask again my question is if you guys ever have a plan to make the characters moan louder instead of fading it out at the end of every scene?


Girls doing climax voice, right? Yup, that's something we have in mind but adding that and sync with the video is not that easy in ren'py. It's not the best engine to have sync audio in an H-scene. So we'll try to add something like that but once the game is almost developed because we prefer focusing on other stuff right now. But yeah, it's something you will see eventually in the game

I can't seem to find the 5th succubus :/  I also miss 2 scenes in gallery and I really don't know where I missed them.

Let me guess, you're missing the 3rd and 6th scene, right? If so, visit Nadine right after beating the Yalen army but BEFORE Dynae becomes the oracle of time. You'll get a choice prompt while in Nadine's tent, and BOTH lead to a different scene, so save before hand.

So I had to download 0.37 off the website version of Itchio and I'm not sure how to transfer my save from 0.33 to 0.37. Usually the itch app automatically updates my games but for some reason I cannot install this game through the itch app. Any help would be much appreciated!

restart the game now have news in the prologe.....

I don't mind restarting the game I just want to be able to transfer my save to keep my gallery progress.

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I tried to use my RenPy saves from 0.27 to be loaded in 0.33, but the gallery wasn't.

I had to load events to complete again the gallery.

Maybe it was improved in 0.37, but it would definitively be great if it work !


Never used the app ( didn't even know there was one ! ), so i don't know where it install the game.

But the save is in the game folder\game\saves

Alternately you can also transfer the backup save which is found in :


To :


You can only copy the "persistent" files, it's the one with the gallery and seen text ( it's what i do ).

So I'm confused. I did the extra dates for the two main characters and I met the cat girl's friend and that whole thing is done and I helped the people around the city but there's no sight of the other new characters... should I restart my game from the beginning or?

yes u got 2 new char at the prologe...i would recommend to restart the game 


TIPS to find stuff of the game is ok
Leaking content of the walkthrough isn't.

Sorry, I tried to help how to find succubus ^^

Related post are deleted (you missed one).

I see a recently posted and deleted reply to a message I left. Does this have to do with the succubus I was trying to find? I still wanna catch 'em all find everything, so I'll find some way to dm you if it is. I could make a throwaway email, surely that's not forbidden in the terms of service...

(2 edits)

Yes, it was one of the posts.

There is a bug when you recruite soldiers.

As long as you don't quit and have enough money, you can recruite infinite number of soldier and battle with them.

I tried to battle with more than 10000 soldiers whereas my limit was 9000, and it worked. So I had 1000/9000 soldiers available and each attack just reduced my current soldier number (9900/9000 soldiers).

You are playing v0.33, right?

(2 edits)

Yes, it's the 0.33

EDIT: it seems the bug was already reported 8 months ago by 2069878


This is fixed on v0.37. Anyway, thanks for reporting :)

You welcome.

Keep the good work, your games are amazing :)

Deleted 182 days ago

Or it hasn't add at v0.33 yet?

the 4th battle is in 0.33


Deleted 184 days ago

Any chance of an android port seems like this game is gonna be a blast

(1 edit)

v0.33 is already avaiable on android and in a few weeks we'll also release v0.37

android port isn't listed though

so with how thats worded to the free 0.37 for pc and mac and android will be in a few weeks. damn thats sometime nexted month tjat will suck having to wait for almost a half to almost another month of waiting. DANG THAT SUCKS LOL

0.33 is public now and 0.37 is the patron/pay version.
If you want to play 0.37 for free you'll have to wait some months.

well to be honest i have from November of last year LOL. so you give patrons/pay version update 0.34 and 0.35 and 0.36 and the 0.37 and make free players wait even longer. i under stand it takes time and hard work but with how the free updates have been done anyone playing for free because thay cant even pay 2$ normaly have to wait till about 2 to 3 patron/pay to play updates are relased and by what all i have read with any post that have been made on here or any other site that yall post on. not trying to sound like a ass but that dose not sound fair to your free to play fans. i loved space paws and this game but like alot of your free to play fans that cant pay we do start to lose intrest with such long wait times for the free to play. i understand taifun riders are the game creators and its yalls choise and all the crazy shit going on in the world is not making anything easier but iv seen sevral game makers do the same relase setup do good for a game or two but start to lose alot of fans and start to go down hill fast. but i do wish tall the best of luck. but will still look at yalls up dates now and then as i can . have fun and enjoy life

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